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The Mission of the Chi Center for Wellness is to promote life transformation through self healing techniques and practices that support healing the whole person. Learn the secrets of restoring your energy flow to an optimum balance for renewed health and well-being.

The Chi Center for Wellness offers a diverse combination of workshops and classes using a unique energy healing system of internal exercises and other healing methods. We use the methods of Qigong and The Five Elements Theory of eating a balanced diet and healthy living. This method is congruent with our connection with the elements of nature and the four seasons.

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I share information that you can use daily to increase your Energy, Longevity and overall Well-Being through eating a Balanced Diet, practice of Qigong, Meditation and Self-Healing techniques.


Visit our calendar page to view events and class schedule for Chi Center for Wellness. Contact us to host your next workshop.


Self-Healing is taking a Proactive Approach to maintaining a consistent Healthy Lifestyle in order to achieve Optimal Health and Well-Being. Caring for your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual bodies is essential to staying in constant flow.

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From the Blog

The Wonders of Seaweed

Seaweeds are a plant-like algae that comes from the sea. They come in different hues of reds, browns, green and yellows. Seaweeds are often overlooked but work wonders for the body. It can be obtained in its natural form but then must be consumed in a short period of...

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Foods for Summer

Summer is a yang season. It represents outward activity and doing more outside. It represents growth and time for expansion, to create and being outdoors in the light. It’s the time of month where we plan our vacations, work and play outside more often. During the...

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Seasonal Eating for a Healthier You

Spring time in TCM is a time for renewal, change and growing. Things are beginning to transition and uproot. Our bodies follow the natural pattern of nature whether we realize it or not. We often begin to experience some innate need for change, whether it’s planning a...

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